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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What are the cancellation policies for reservations at R Garden Villa Mauritius?

Answer: For cancellations made before 30 days of the scheduled arrival date, we refund 50% of the total amount paid. In case of cancellation within 30 days of the arrival date or in case of no-show, the full amount of the reservation will be charged.

2. Is there parking available at the villa?

Answer: Yes, we offer free camera-monitored parking right outside the villa door. Your safety and peace of mind are our priority.

3. Can we get local advice on nearby attractions and restaurants?

Answer: Absolutely! Our team will be happy to provide you with local recommendations to best explore Mauritius, whether for attractions, restaurants or unique experiences.

4. Are the rooms equipped with air conditioning?

Answer: Yes, all our rooms are equipped with air conditioning to ensure your comfort throughout your stay.

5.Is this a hotel or guest house, and how does the housekeeping service work?

Answer: We are a guest house, not a hotel. Housekeeping service is included before guests' arrival and departure. Any other cleaning services during the stay will incur an additional charge.

6. Is there Wi-Fi available in the villa?

Answer: Yes, we offer fast and free Wi-Fi throughout the villa to keep you connected.

7.Do you offer meal services at R Garden Villa Mauritius?

Answer: No, currently we do not offer in-villa dining services. However, we are surrounded by various local restaurants where you can experience delicious Mauritian cuisine. Our team will be happy to recommend options tailored to your dietary preferences.

8.Are there additional charges for additional housekeeping services during the stay?

Answer: Yes, an additional fee will be charged for any additional housekeeping services requested during your stay. We carry out cleaning before the arrival and departure of guests to ensure cleanliness and comfort.

9.What are your eco-friendly practices at R Garden Villa Mauritius?

Answer: At R Garden Villa, we are committed to ecology and encourage our guests to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors. Please close windows when using air conditioning to minimize energy loss. In addition, we encourage you to save water by avoiding any waste.

10. Are there any special safety instructions to follow during the stay?

Answer: Yes, in the interest of safety for all our guests, we ask everyone to please close their room doors as well as common doors at all times. This helps ensure the safety of property and people. Please note that surveillance cameras are in place in common areas to ensure the overall security of our establishment.

11. What are the booking conditions at R Garden Villa Mauritius?

Answer: To confirm and validate your reservation at R Garden Villa, full payment of the stay is required. Once payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email formalizing your reservation. We recommend that you make payment as soon as possible to ensure availability of your stay.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or specific needs. We are here to make your stay pleasant and hassle-free.

R Garden Villa Mauritius

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