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5 Tips for Saving on your Stay in Mauritius: Tips and Good Deals

Travel tips on accommodation in Mauritius
How to save on accommodation in Mauritius

Are you planning a trip to Mauritius but want to avoid excessive spending? In this article, we present you with practical tips and tricks for saving on your accommodation, meals and activities during your stay on this paradise island in the Indian Ocean.


1. Plan Ahead: Pre-planning is key to getting the best rates. Book your flight tickets and accommodation as soon as possible to take advantage of special offers and discounted rates. Personally, I've found that the prices on are often better, while on Airbnb the customer experience is warmer, especially if you have questions or want to personalize your trip.

2. Look for Affordable Accommodation Alternatives: Explore accommodation options such as guesthouses, hostels, and vacation rentals. Use comparison sites to find

best prices and special offers. For my part, I appreciated the simplicity of TripAdvisor and Agoda.

3. Travel during the low season: Flight and accommodation prices are often lower during the low season. Plan your trip during this time to save on travel costs. Personally, I prefer to travel in May-June or September-October, because the climate is better, even if it is winter in Mauritius. (Personally, I hate the hurricane period with an unstable and rainy climate.) And in the worst cases, flights are often canceled. So I prefer to have peace of mind. Additionally, there are fewer tourists, which makes it easier to find quality accommodation and less crowded restaurants.

4. Discover the local cuisine: Avoid touristy restaurants and explore local markets and small restaurants to enjoy delicious dishes at affordable prices. Stay tuned, as I plan to share my top tips on 5 local restaurants not to miss soon. When I talk about restaurants, I aim for local and typical cuisine rather than gourmet.

By following these 5 simple tips and sharing our personal experiences, you will be able to save on your stay in Mauritius while having an authentic and memorable travel experience.

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